Local Info

Frequently Used & Important Local Numbers



Fire: 1118 | 2666-0279

Report an Accident: 800-800-80000

Vehicle Assistance: 800-800-8001

Highway Patrol: 1117

Police (Flamingo): 2654-5086

Police (Tamarindo): 2653-0283 | 2653-0117

Police (Liberia): 2690-0128 | 2666-0312

Tourist Police: 911 | 2222-9245

Medical Emergencies:

Poison Control:  2223-1028

Ambulance:  2653-9911

Dr. Andrea/Playa Grande Clinic:  2653-2767 | 8884-8047 | 8827-7774

Dr. Andrea 24 hour Clinic Huacas:  2653-9911

Dr. Anwar – Dentist:  2653-9911

Coast Medical Services: 2653-0611 | 2653-1974 | 2653-6440

Medivac (air ambulance): 2228-2484 | 8835-6096 | 8981-6027 | 8332-4658

Burn Unit: 2257-0180

Maternity:  2257-9111

Pharmacy:  2654-5524 Flamingo | 2653-8787 Huacas | 2652-9010 Santa Rosa | 2653-0210 Tamarindo


Dr. Cavallini:  2652-9009 | 2653-0180

Real Estate Sales & Rentals:

KRAIN Luxury Real Estate  (866) 994-9163 Toll-free | (303) 719-0624 USA | +011 (506) 8705-2436 CR


ICE (phone):  2680-0166

RACSA (internet):  2287-0087

Water:  2653-0876 | 2653-0597

Amnet (cable):  2653-0723

Cable Tica (cable):  2653-1738

Collect Calls (in country):  1110

Collect Calls (international):  1116 | 1175


United States:  2220-3939

Canada:  2242-4400


Liberia International (LIR):  2668-1178

San Jose International (SJO):  2437-2400

Tamarindo Airport:  8375-2112

Major Airlines:

Air Canada:  2243-1860  |  www.aircanada.com

American Airlines:  2257-1266  |  www.aa.com

Delta Airlines:  2257-2992  |  www.delta.com

Frontier Airlines 800-432-1359  |  www.flyfrontier.com

Jet Blue 0800-012-166  |  www.jetblue.com

United Airlines/Continental Airlines:  800-052-1243  |  www.united.com

US Airways:  800-011-0888  |  www.usairways.com

West Jet:  888-937-8538  |  www.westjet.com

National Airlines:

Nature Air:  2653-1452  |  http://www.natureair.com/

Sansa Regional:  2290-4100  |  http://www.flysansa.com/

Local Schools

Costa Rica International Academy    2654-5042
Costa Rica International Academy (formerly Country Day School) is a private, non-sectarian university-preparatory day and boarding school with a coeducational, international student body of nearly 150 students from around the world. The program encompasses all levels from Pre- Kindergarten through elementary, middle and high school, with full-time and five-day boarding available in grades 8th – 12th.

La Paz Community School   Lower School  2654-4532  |  Upper School  2654-6087
La Paz Community School is a bilingual, private, non-profit, pre k-12 IB accredited (International Baccalaureate) school located in rural Guanacaste, Costa Rica which is also accredited by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education.  The La Paz Peace Practices prepare multilingual students who think differently, and thus can thoughtfully address worldly challenges.  At La Paz, students approach their learning experience through the authentic discovery of their self, family, community and world.  When graduating from LaPaz, students will receive both an English and Spanish diploma.

Educarte  2653-8847
At Educarte, we know that every subject is vital to student development. It is through a well rounded curriculum accompanied with adequate lessons that students get the chance to excel in all different areas of study. We meet each students learning needs by incorporating a variety of innovative techniques. Since we are a bilingual school, we know that it is important to keep students engaged in tactile and kinesthetic activities to reinforce concepts that have been taught. This allows students to stay involved and to continue learning on their own.

Guanacaste Waldorf School  2653-0057
Guanacaste Waldorf School is a bilingual Rudolph Steiner inspired early and grade education school with a natural and nurturing setting for Pre-K through 6th grade.  Our goal is to provide a unique education method in Guanacaste, Costa Rica integrating all cultures and based on kindness, respect, imagination and creativity. Guanacaste Waldorf School strives in offering a high level early education to give the child the tools to grow surrounded by a nurturing environment and in deep connection with nature.

Tide Academy
TIDE is a school for those students with interests that expand beyond a conventional academic structure. While many students respond well working in a traditional, five-days-a-week school program, TIDE caters to those students with interests outside of school and need flexibility to incorporate their traveling, practices, and internships in their life.

Guanacaste International Academy  2653-7009
The Guanacaste International Academy (GIA) is a private, bilingual institution that operates as a satellite school of the Washington based institution ALC. Our school has been attending the local student population from the Tamarindo, Los Pargos, Flamingo and neighboring communities since 2009, providing our students with an internationally accredited, high standard educational experience.

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