Will Your Story Be One of Awe or Fear?

by Cadence Turpin Last week I made the trek to visit my niece and nephews in Oregon. Piper, the oldest, turned 5 years old not too long ago and much like I was at her age, she’s fearless. One afternoon, we were playing the infamous airplane game, in which I lay on my back and balance Piper on … [Read more...]

Morning Moments Of Zen

by Nadine Pisani - Author of Happier Than a Billionaire Costa Rica Cost Of Living Update:  Yummy Avocados— 72 cents Per Pound My mornings are a lot different than when I was working. There are no more alarm clocks, snowy cars to brush off,  traffic, or stopping for a quick cup of coffee at a … [Read more...]

As seen on HGTV’s House Hunters International

Our very own Randy Toltz was featured on his second episode of House Hunters International. Randy's clients, John and Laurie Quam love crazy adventures, but retiring early to Costa Rica is one impulsive decision without a safety net. While they're happy to pare their lives down to the bare … [Read more...]

Chill-Laxin’ on the Beach

by Randy Toltz I picked up my first lacrosse stick in the early 1970's, right when the sticks with plastic heads came out. I learned to love the game. So much so, that as the years rolled by and the next generation appeared, I took my son's 3rd grade little league football team and taught them … [Read more...]

Expat Life in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, The Good Life

by Kim Toltz - Many of you have asked us about what it was like to up and move to a foreign country. Exciting. Scary. Surreal. Adventurous. Freeing. We are happy to say, almost eight years later we are still going strong and loving it more than ever. However, people often think we love it … [Read more...]